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The Three - One Method Of Manifestation

Accessing The Alpha


This Silva method of meditation can be practiced any time of the day or evening. It is a training method to allow you to quickly reach the Alpha state.


Allow a minimum of 20 minutes to complete this exercise.

Adjacent is the narrative, and below is the video link.

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Find a comfortable position.


Close your eyes


Take a deep breath


While exhaling mentally repeat and visualize the number three, three times.


To help you relax physically at level three, I'm going to direct your attention to different parts of your body.


Relax your scalp


Relax your forehead


Relax your eyes and the tissues surrounding your eyes relax your face. A soft smile always helps to relax your face


Relax your tongue and jaw


Relax your throat relax your shoulders, arms and hands


Relax your chest externally and internally


Relax your abdominal area, externally and internally


Relax your thighs


Relax your knees


Relax your calves relax your feet


You're now at a deeper healthier level of mind


Deeper than before


This is your physical relaxation level three

Whenever you mentally repeat and visualise the number three, your body will relax as completely as you are now


And more so every time you practice to enter mental relaxation level three


Take a deep breath and while exhaling mentally repeat and visualize the number two-three times


Level two is for mental relaxation where noises will not distract you

Instead, noises will help you to relax mentally,

more and more


To improve mental relaxation at level two

visualize tranquil and passive scenes in a holographic three-dimensional manner engaging all of your senses to that now


Take another deep breath and while exhaling mentally repeat and visualize number one, three times


You are now at level one


A deeper healthier level of mind where you can function from your centre to help you enter a deeper, healthier level of mind


I'm going to count from 10 to 1 on each descending number, you will feel yourself going deeper and you will enter a deeper healthier level of mind


10, 9 feel yourself going deeper


8,7,6 deeper and deeper


5,4,3, deeper and deeper


2, 1.


You are now at a deeper healthier level of mind deeper than before


It is a wonderful feeling to be deeply relaxed


A very healthy state of being


This is an ideal time to create a target image of your goal. Bring to mind any goal that you would love to manifest.


Think of your intention for desiring that goal.


Make it clear and honorable as it relates to others

There's so much abundance in our world that life can truly be a win win win a place to live


As we create your target image, allow your thoughts to be harmonious and your emotions to be congruent


And both these vital ingredients to be in agreement with what you desire to manifest


To begin creating your target image, answer the following questions


What is it that you desire to manifest?


What do you imagine feeling or sensing?


It will manifest


Where will you be when it does manifest?


Who will be there when your outcome manifests?

If there are others in the picture, make sure you bring them to mind


Imagine how it will make your life different than better.


Why is manifesting this outcome so important to you?


Honestly, what is your true intention?


As you craft this image, improve, change or modify any element that you sense needs to be changed.


Take your time


What are you experiencing?

Picturing, feeling, and hearing?

The target image of your goal is exactly as you desire it to be

Project intense desire, belief, and expectancy onto the image by thinking of those objective energies and how they pertain to the goal


Now, step into the image and become one with it


You are now one with the image

Experience it fully and completely engaged in all of your mental senses

Along with coherent emotions, thoughts, and beliefs


Push outward from the area of your heart Intense gratitude, appreciation, and love for having achieved this outcome


Imagine moving forward into the future


Experiencing your goal already achieved and in a past tense


Sense from the perspective of whole and complete


Enjoy the benefits that come with already reaching that goal

Allow your body, brain, and mind to memorize this experience


Now using a three fingers technique, say to yourself mentally - "whenever I have a need or desire to feel this way think this way believe or behave this way, all I need to do is put my three fingers together and it will be so".


Now step out of the goal image and position your eyes slightly above your mental screen about 45 degrees above your horizontal level of sight


Now imagine a normal day in your future


Imagine thinking of your goal


Imagine your target image


Now put your three fingers together and bring back the thoughts congruent with the emotions and feelings of already having achieved that goal.


In other words, zap your target image with all that is positive


Now imagine another moment when you think of your goal and do the same


Imagine your day flowing and once again the goal comes to mind and you find yourself sapping it once again

In fact, every time you think of your goal, your target image comes to mind


It is above your mental screen and you SAP it with all that is positive


You may do this with eyes open and your focus vision


And you may do this with your eyes closed


You may do this with any goal you desire


Every time you function at these levels of the mind you will receive beneficial effects physically and mentally

You may use these levels of the mind to help yourself, to help your loved ones, and to help any human being who needs help physically and mentally

You will always use these levels of the mind in a constructive creative manner


For all that is good, honest, pure, clean and positive

This is so you will continue to take part in constructive and creative activities to make this a better world to live in


So that when you move on, you shall have left behind a better world for those


You will consider the whole of humanity depending on their ages as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters

You are a superior human being


You have greater understanding, compassion, and patience with others


In a moment I'm going to count from one to five and cause a sound with my fingers


At that moment, you will open your eyes


You are wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health feeling better than before


1, 2, coming out slowly now

3, 4


At the count of five, you will open your eyes and feel wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health

feeling better than before


Feeling the way you feel when you have slept the right amount of revitalizing refreshing, relaxing, healthy, wonderful sleep




Eyes wide awake


Feeling fine and imperfect health


Feeling better than before.

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