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Meditation to be present-by Muji


I listen to Muji a lot. I listen to his verse and readings, his philosophies on life.


Often, when I am painting. It acts to distract the "monkey mind". His voice is meditative and his words resonate within me. I find his voice calming and his words profound. 


So let us begin. Opposite is the transcript for you to read, below is a  video that you can follow along to.


Plugging in headphones is best, it just cuts out outside noise, but, not necessary.

Namaste, everyone.


Thank you. Thank you.

This session will last approximately 20 minutes.

It really is an amazing opportunity to experience what it's like to be totally at peace, not just quiet in the physical sense.

But deeper than this, to experience one's natural state whereby the mind is in deep harmony with heart energy.

I know these words may sound a little bit unusual for some of you have never done this before.

But I will keep my guidance in a very simple way and you will find very little difficulty in following my guidance.

Thank you, already you see, something in you, is already responding to the opportunity and the occasion, that we are presented with here.

I’m simply asking that you unplug as it were, you will find this is not difficult, meaning if I were to ask you just to leave all your thoughts concerning your where you're coming, from what is going to happen here, all the thoughts about yourself, and all of this, just as much, as you're able to just leave it outside for a moment.

So that you come here, enter the room, a little empty.

Thank you for finding that place in you which is solid.

Where you're not here in the next 20 minutes or so. I will not engage you with any activity whereby you use need to use your mind.

So you can simply just relax but don't fall asleep.


Okay, now, all that you need to be open to right now. It's just the sound of my voice. I'm just going to guide you here and there.

It's not an it's not a hypnosis session so you need not worry. Its simply to listen. I'm only guiding you for your attention back to your natural place of stillness.

Well as you're sitting here you're naturally aware of now that we have closed the doors, the sound from outside has lessened.

Your senses are still functioning. I'm not going to ask you to control them. Let them operate under their own natural ways and laws. That is fine. No disturbance to that.

Deeper than this is that your mind, attention is naturally coming to relax. And so jumpy but settling down in an inner silence and stillness.

Very good.

For most of you, your eyes are closed. There's a natural response to the call to be more internal or inward with your attention.

We say the eyes are like the windows to the world. Now we have closed the shutters. And you see there's an inwardness, you're aware of the sounds that are coming in through your ears, a sense of tranquillity in the room.

If there's any sense of any the kind of inner thing going on movement of the mind, memory, some images, anything that that come in, don't fight with them.

Be aware of them. But keep into your silence.

This is not difficult. As you can see.

From time to time, the movement from the mind may come and you will feel like somehow a tendency to drift into thought.

But right now you can easily avoid that. It's not going anywhere. It's only a habit that will tend to bring you attention into some noisy state.

So ignore that for now and remain in your natural silence.

Notice that there's no real effort of such to simply be. The only thing that can bring disturbance at all is some feelings or thoughts arising in you and by itself that is not the problem.

When we give too much importance to them or you begin to drift off with them,

they bring you into a state of more agitation or noise. So this choose not to engage with them. Simply this this exercise. It will be good to do.

Again you come sit quietly somewhere. It's if you could see that all the functions of the mind, were like switches that you just automatically by closing your eyes all the switches are turned off and the activity of thinking and projecting and imagining all of that lights out. So now you're in a very quiet, very empty silent space.

It is rare, in our human life or lifestyle for us to make use of such an opportunity as we're doing now.

To completely shut down on all our mental, emotional psychological activities and to come to a place of such great peace. Not only is it enjoyable, but it is a very powerful, powerful state. You would not think so. But I'll explain powerful in what way is powerful in that hear your mind and being will automatically be responding to a natural Synchronicity or harmony. It is also a very healthy states for body and mind, a peaceful life is priceless.

Peace of mind is priceless.

Here peace and contentment.

They go together, effortlessly addressed, no striving to be somewhere else or to be in any other state and notice that your entire being, is enjoying this rest.

The more that you allow this kind of shutting down from the outer world and the inner worlds activities of mind, emotion thought feelings the more you will love it . Your life responding to this becomes very harmonious.

Very silent, very happy.

Notice also that there is no need for waiting.

Waiting means you need something right now. You're not in a state of need, but, of deep harmony.

There's no need for, next, anything, something to come.

No. Just as you are.

Now, normally, there is some urge or habit in the mind to go to the next, the next experience, the next place, the next activity but here, you've come to be at full stop and happy, stable.

Totally peaceful.

Free from stress.

Now you see that you are not a container of thought thoughts, feelings, memories, ideas, projections.

None at all.

You're entirely empty of them, and at the same time, you're totally present, you are totally present.

But there's a new quality to this present. We're gonna call this present “Ness”, this state of presence.

You're not merely a form, empty of not only thoughts, not only words, but off form itself.

Yet how natural how simple, how pleasant.

Notice also that there's no real sense of time.

And there is no need.

And yet, it is totally natural.

There's nothing artificial about this.


Because you're not doing anything.


Now allow this, non doing, simply to be.

There is time for activities, later.

All activities which will take place will be much more harmonious, because, you have given this gift to yourself.

Therefore, all activities however diverse they may be, or they will be, will have behind them and inside them this inner quality of peace.

I am using the word peace but it is following the state itself.

Whatever this is,

It really has no name.

Peace is our human way of naming this. tranquillity silence, the more we appreciate, enjoy and come to love our being, we will begin to feel very well, increasingly and more spacious,

More kind less fearful, more loving and compassionate.

These are the wealth of the true human experience.


Notice also that.


Normally our lives we can write about and say what's going on. What we have done. What we intend to do what we did before and such things. But right now look, you are history less.

This, inwardness, all awakened beings, they know.


It is the natural, uncreated state of being.

They give a space for that,

value to this.

Knowing that and experiencing that all activities of body and minds find natural, harmonious, unfolding and appropriateness when it arises from this state of inner tranquillity and serenity.

You did not create this, present state of being, simply by choosing to, giving a space for, leaving habit of engaging with the thought traffic, we gradually come to experience this natural state with more practice, given more time, whenever you like this inner beautiful state of tranquillity and peace, will continue to shine in you.


Thank you.


Thank you all.

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