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Connecting With Your Intuition- by Jess Shephard

This is a beautiful meditation.

One that I practice often. Adjacent is the written narrative of the video below..


It is written by Jess Shephard from Rising Eye Meditations. Below is the video. Earphones in and listen.

In this meditation, you will develop a deep connection to your intuition.


But first understand this.

Sometimes your intuition will not make sense to you in the moment that it comes.


Many times it will, but because the information, the feelings or insight, comes from your higher self, which is connected to the source of all that is, it is beyond our current circumstances or present understanding.

The information comes from an unbounded awareness of a much larger picture than what we can see at the moment. Coming from that expanded place, it may not make logical sense in our 3d reality.

But just because you do not understand something, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and is not worthy of your attention. You can choose to ignore it or trust it.

Intuition is the link between our human selves and the divine mind.

If, as you progress through this meditation, are wanting to tune into your inner guidance more, accessing the deep intuitive part of yourself, you need to intend to trust it.


Your intuition will always lead you toward joy and fulfillment, because it comes from the source, just as you do.

The more willing you are to trust it, the louder and more pronounced it will become in your life.

At first what is subtle and quiet will grow into a stronger and more noticeable feeling.

This is your sixth sense, if you choose to use it.

And just like all things, the more you practice tuning into it, trusting its messages and using it in life,

the louder and stronger it will become.

If you wish to take this journey, let's start by repeating this statement of intention.

"I intend to trust my intuition. I can hear it clearly. I know that it is source leading me.

I trust it".

When you are ready,

find a comfortable position

and gently close down your eyes.

Feel your body sinking into this generous,



As you become aware of your breathing,

start to notice the sensations of the air, as it moves into, and out of your nostrils.

The sharp cool sensation of the air on the way in,

and the warm soft sensation of the air and the way out.

Pay attention to each breath.

Feel yourself becoming more,

and more relaxed,

with every,





Feel your body becoming heavier,



Pay attention to each


Feel yourself becoming more,

and more,


With every single exhalation.

Feel your body becoming heavier,



as you sit here now.

Feel your toes and feet relaxing,

and sinking into the floor or chair or bed.

Feel your legs and buttocks relaxing,

feeling heavy,

and sinking into the floor or chair or bed.

Feel your pelvis,


and back,

Relaxing now,

feeling heavier,

and heavier.

As they sink into the floor chair or bed.

Feel your chest and shoulders,

as they relax,

and become,


and heavier.

Your arms hands and fingers relaxing now,

feeling heavier,

and heavier.

Feel your neck,

and throat relaxing as you sit here now,




feel all of the muscles around your eyes,

relaxing now,.

As your face and scalp relaxes,

and feels heavy,

as you sit here now,



You feel a wave of relaxation now flowing over you,

washing away any remaining tension,

and allowing your body to totally relax.


drop your attention down into your heart,

taking all awareness into your heart,

and take a moment,

to breathe from this place.

Imagine a stairwell in front of you.


It leads you down even deeper into the core of your being.

Walk over to the top of the staircase

and take the first step down.

Holding on to the railing with your right hand,

the steps are solid and stable

and made of stone.

Stepping down again

noticing that with every step you take

you are feeling more

And more



Slowly stepping down.

you step down and down again,

feeling calm and peaceful,

as you move deeper and deeper within.


Taking another step down,


as you do,

you notice a door at the bottom of the stairwell.

You can see light shining from the gap under the door.

Only another three steps down now,

and you're now standing,

in front

of a solid wooden door.

You suddenly notice,

the key has appeared in your left hand.

It would seem that you've been holding it all this time.

You put the key in the lock and open the door.

As the door opens you step forward into a bright green grassy meadow.

The sun is warm and bright

and gently touches your forehead and shoulders.

The birds fly around singing in glorious joy for the new day.

You step out onto the thick green grass.

You can feel yourself sink a little with each step as the grass is so tremendously lush.

As you look up,

from the grass,

You'll notice six small cottages or houses in a distance.

There are paths that lead to each of them.

The one to the very far left is the one we will take today.

It is the home of your intuition.

As you walk along the path,

you become completely enveloped with a feeling of joy.

Your heart opens wide as you look around,

and nature seems to talk to you.

It's like you can hear the feelings of happiness in the songs from the bird.

You can feel the love and peace emanating from the distant trees,

as they j gently sway to the rhythm of the breeze.

The clouds in the sky seem to be,

an interesting ever changing painting of colours and textures.

You can feel the subtle movement,

of the earth,

as it spins on its axis.

There is a soft hum that fills the space,

that is only audible,

when you stop,

and really listen.

Every breath you take fills you with feelings of an abundance of love.


It encompasses you,

you sense it moving into your body,

with every inhalation.

You take your time to walk along the path toward the house.

As you approach the cottage,

you notice a beam of pearly white light,

radiating down from the sky,

and penetrating through the roof.

Like an antenna or transmitter,

receiving information from the greater space beyond the clouds.

Bands or waves of energy,

are rolling down the beam of light.

As you walk up to the front door of the home,

there is a sign,

That says,

You may enter only if you take off your shoes.

and leave them at the door,

and with it,

take off your doubt,


and worry,

leave all those things at the door also.

You feel quite prepared to do this,

as you already feel so blissful, after your walk along the path.

The door gently,

swings open,




The first thing you see as you enter the cottage,

is the most beautiful woman,

you have ever seen.

Standing in a shower of pearly white light,

from the heavens above.

She is dressed in a long, wide-flowing dress.

Her hair tumbles and turns over her shoulders.

Her eyes sparkle with the essence of the light that is raining upon her.

She sweetly smiles at you.

You instantly feel an affinity,

that she is divine feminine energy.

She explains with a voice that resonates right to the core of you,

that every man or woman on the planet has within them

both masculine and feminine energies

as we are made in the likeness of the Creator.

The feminine energy within all of us,

is our connection to our intuition,

It is the part of us that receives.

She is constantly connected and allows the infinite intelligence or source of all that is to flow

uninhibited to her,

and through her.

She has a direct line of communication.

Vibrating at the specific frequency,

which allows her to receive and translate information,

into something that you will be able to understand.

She explains to you,

that you can enter this space with her,

and she will give this information to you in a way and form that you will be able to easily




in order to enter that space with her,

you must align to the frequency of receiving.

To do that, you must surrender,

let go,

and trust.


Feel yourself

courageously opening your heart

and allowing a feeling of faith

and trust

in that

which is greater than you.

Faith and trust,

in the source,

of all that is,

that oneness,

that you are a part of

let it wash over your physical body.


Become open to possibility.

If you feel you are ready to set aside all concerns.

If you've surrendered your analytical mind, and become open and available to listen,

and to trust whatever you see, feel or hear is from your highest wisdom,

connected to the source, then step up into the light and let her hold your hand.

Feel the surge of grace moving through you,

it is powerful and soft.

It is invigorating, delicate,

Feel it inside your body,

Give yourself some time to feel the beauty of this divine feminine energy

to be in alignment with her,

as you receive,




any information that is flowing from source to now.

Stay here for 10 minutes.


When you are ready,

look into the divine feminine angelic eyes,

and thank her,

for sharing her wisdom with you,


When it is right for you to let go of her hands,


and walk to the door.

Pay attention to the way you are feeling right now.

Bend down and put your shoes on,

and you notice that fear doubt and worry,

has completely vanished.

Slowly make your way back along the path,

and towards the door,

enjoying the warmth of the sun,

and the harmony of the birds.

Remember what you received.

Know you can return any time you wish,

to ask any specific questions or gain any clarity.

Ask questions before you enter the meadow,

and simply trust and allow the answers to flow.

Walking along the path, if you didn't see or hear much, don't be concerned. Your answers lay in life and everything will be reviewed to you in the perfect way and at the perfect time,

and you will know it when you see it.

Stay open to possibility and allow guidance and grace to be within you.


Finally, making your way back to the door,

open the door,

and make your way,

back up the stairs.











Returning to your body,

allow yourself to feel your body sitting on the bed, floor, or chair,

become aware of your chest moving as you breathe.

Taking three deep breaths,

As you feel your awareness coming fully back into this moment,

right now.


-By Jess Shepard from Rising Eye Meditation.

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