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Morning Pages

"Julia Cameron's "writing" ritual is one not to be missed"......  


In the book "The Artist Way" she introduces the idea of "Morning Pages".  She talks of this practice being significantly impactful for practitioners from all walks of creativity. And she talks of why.  To paraphrase in my own words, its getting rid of everything held in your mind consciously or unconsciously before your day begins.


In this way, you are emptying your mind of all limiting thoughts before you even begin your day.


Morning pages are a writing exercise that enables us to become more engaged with our intuition and creative consciousness.  In the book, Julia Cameron talks extensively of the reasons and benefits of performing this practice.


She testifies to the positive effects of this practice and how it has helped many many of her clients find their “flow”.


So what are morning pages? Put simply-“the morning pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly stream of consciousness”. She gives an example of this. “Oh God, another morning, I must wash the curtains, I have NOTHING to say, did I do the laundry yesterday? Blah blah blah”.   She also refers to them as “brain drain” as this is one of their functions. 


Julia states that it's all the “stuff” that gets in the way of our creativity and consciousness.  The worry we have in our being.  And then the inner critic, who sits on our shoulders and judges ourself in relation to that worry. By spilling it out every morning when you first wake up and onto the page one learns over time to evade the critique.  Practicing writing morning pages every morning teaches one how to stop judging oneself , and get over the fear holding us back in life and over time, one learns simply to "Be".  Learning to "Be" allows us to be able to connect with our intuition and creative consciousness.


In this exercise, there is no wrong way of doing it.  It is not meant to be “proper” writing. So do not be put of by thinking you cannot write.  The pages are not meant to sound smart or funny, although sometimes they might. Morning pages are for you alone. I write mine without my glasses on in a hard-backed note-book. I cannot even see the words I am putting on the page.  They are pretty illegible, even to me. And that's ok.  They are not meant to be reread by myself or anyone else. Write the words down in a book or on loose-leaf paper, and then put them away or burn them.  Do not reread them. And then the next day do the same again. Do not expect immediate results.  But perhaps you may get them.  This is a process and part of a journey.



So to begin, set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier to when you would normally set it. 

Wake up and start writing.  3 pages. “If you don’t know what to write, then write that-  write that over and over if necessary.  Write anything until you have filled 3 pages”.


 If you would like to learn more, I highly recommend the book “The Artists Way” by Julia  Cameron.

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