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Milk Bath

The Art Of Bathing

The ritual of bathing.  Something we all do.  Again, this is about the shift in focus and attention that we apply to this otherwise "functional" set of motions.


As far back as the Romans and well documented, and well before, is the knowledge in the increase in well-being through the Art of bathing.  The very word for "Water" reveals the elemental nature of the substance itself, that being of "Mother".   The spiritual connections are reflected in the bathhouses of Turkey, and Japan, through the use of sacred architecture and the use of cedarwood.  Bathing and praying are intertwined in Islam and Hinduism as an act of worship.  


The medical benefits of hot and cold water have had something of a renaissance in recent years. The warmth of the water cause the blood vessels to dilate, causing a greater flow away from the internal organs to the surface of the skin, reducing blood pressure, and sending oxygen and nutrients to the skin.  Cold water, however, causes the blood vessels to constrict sending blood to the organs to stimulate their functioning.   The heat-to-cold practice releases endorphins- a natural opiate, which results in a feeling of euphoria and well-being. 



Many creatives including Archimedes testify to having their best ideas while bathing.  As you lay back and relax, the mind becomes free to "flow" and ideas manifest. 


Water is ideal for carrying the powerful and healing properties of plants through the use of essential oils.  These alchemical phenomenon produce thousands of new chemicals when absorbed within the body.   Water and bathing provides the perfect vehicle for this process to occur, lifting the spirits and soothing the emotions, promoting positivity. 


Certain aromas are thought to promote creativity.  Below is  a variety of recipes for you to explore.  Before you begin your bathing ritual. have a pen and paper ready to hand to note down any thoughts that you have.

The Ritual

  • Run a warm bath.  Before stepping in, pour a blend of your chosen recipe into the water and swish to disperse. 

  • Lay back, close your eyes, and breathe. Deep belly breaths down into your tummy.  Notice the cool inward breath and the warmth outward breath. Just notice your breath moving in and out.

  • When unwelcome thoughts arise, just notice them, let them pass by like clouds in the sky, and return to your awareness of your breath.  Breathe for at least 10 minutes.  Notice the smell of the oil blends.  Do you feel peaceful?

  • If bright ideas or thoughts surface, make a mental note of them and write them down after the bath. 

Woman Relaxing
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