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Hello,  my name his Rebecca and I am a Artist and Teacher based in Kent. I'm so glad you are here taking the time to find out if my service or product is right for you.


I have been teaching Art and Ceramics since 1996, helping my students achieve their personal goals, develop self-expression and overcome personal obstacles.


I have been lucky enough to work all over the world in International education with students of all ages, capabilities, and backgrounds.


The essence of my teaching practice is to facilitate personal self-growth by guiding connection with your creativity, intuition and your personal sense of being. Through a process of play, inquiry, and mindful creative practice, core challenges and setbacks can be identified and overcome with confidence.


I specialise in creating personalised plans and facilitating workshops that provide the tools to guide you to achieve your desired goals.


About My work


I am Inspired by the world around me, and my work explores the relationship between the Internal emotional space and the external physical space - past and present, reflecting on my experiences through mark-making, colour, texture and gesture, often bringing elements of the two concepts together in a single composition.


I am interested in questioning and exploring where things end and others begin, boundaries and perception, reality of "the hidden" verses reality of "the seen" and all that is possibly in between.


My work is also the result of my continual search in understanding of a state of “being”.


The marks I make on the surface are a reflection of my mental and emotional journey toward this state.II work from an intuitive based approach.

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