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About  Art of Being

"Becoming more conscious through creativity, lets us let go of our fears and find our "flow" through "intuitive" art-based practice".



The Art of Being was born from a  passion of exploring how creativity and creative practice impacts the human condition. 

Becoming more conscious through creativity helps us to let go of our fears and find our "flow" through "intuitive" art-based practice. Creative practice, in turn, teaches us how to be more "present" in the moment.  Being "present" and "in the moment" helps us to build resilience for what life throws at us, by teaching us to trust our intuitive nature. Through Art and Mindful creative practice, we can reflect and respond to life, and the often complex experiences that we are presented with. Here at the Art of being, we aim to promote living a more creatively conscious life  leading to a more intense feeling of well-being.  You can sign up for an online  creative workshop, request one-to-one tuition, or a workshop tailor-made for your requirements.  



The Art of Being is a journey I have created which combines mindful rituals and the practice of art-making. 

My mission is to use the power of creativity to explore your possibilities by developing your creativity and intuition bringing a better sense of well-being.


That through the practice of mindfulness and practical art, you too can find these practices useful in your day to day management of emotions and healing.

The Art of "Being" is all about living a happier, more conscious and more creative life through the practice of Art and mindfulness.

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