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About  Art of Being

"Becoming more conscious through creativity, lets us let go of our fears and find our "flow" through "intuitive" art-based practice".


The Art of being is an educational and creative space offering a range of services.



Here at the Art of being, we aim to promote living a happier more conscious life through creative and Art based practice.


You can simply peruse our suggested "Rituals" material, sign up for a self paced online creative workshop, request one-to-one tuition, or contact us to develop and deliver a workshop tailor-made to your requirements.  To find out more please select the relevant tab at the top of the page. 



The Art of Being is a journey  combing mindful rituals and the practice of art-making. 


My mission is to use mindfulness and a play based approach to explore and develop creative possibilities and  strengthen  intuition.


That through the practice of mindfulness and practical art, you too will find these practices useful in your creative or daily journey. 

The Art of "Being" is all about living a happier, more conscious and more creative life through the practice of Art and mindfulness.

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